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Scred Shop Updated

Posted in Scred by Anna on July 26, 2010

Despite the sweltering weather and burning desire to escape to a summer cottage in the middle of nowhere, Scred team got some good work done this July. One particular item that I’d like to highlight is the updated Shop feature. The function used to cause some troubles in the past but is now repaired with a shiny new look.

Any group that needs to sell something online and keep track of the process would find Scred Shops quite useful. Your student group wants to collect membership fees or your theater association wants to sell tickets easily? Create a registration in the ‘Registrations’ tab and it would automatically appear as an item in the shop. Put the link of the shop on your website for all members to see and use in an instant. Your charity wants to sell ribbons to collect funds? Add that directly to your shop with a fancy picture of the ribbon and start selling! While you’re busy sending the items to your customers, Scred is automatically tracking transactions, managing inventory and generating reports.

All that software is still free but you’d need to chip in 1,5% from each transaction on top of PayPal fees. So for every €5 of ribbon you sell you’d need to cough up a mere €0,07 to Scred. Let me know if you can find an easier and cheaper solution for your webshop!

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