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Scred groups can now flexibly record income/expenses

Posted in Features, Scred by setok on March 24, 2010

While Scred’s ability to automatically track and account payments is a real killer, we understand the need to sometimes manually record things. Now you can. Changes in this release (dubbed Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered):

  • Manually add income & expense transactions for your group.
  • Record transactions to/from a bank account, cash balance or involving one of the group members.
  • Transactions can be categorised. Each type of group has a ready set of categories, but more can be added in the group settings. For example, an event organiser can add expenses involving artist fees.
  • Browse income and expense overviews with charts in Reports.
  • You can set the category of an expense claim.

Adding Transactions

Go to the section Transactions, there you will be able to click to add a new transaction.
Add Transaction

Select whether you want to add an income or an expense, then fill in the details. Here we’re adding the rent for a venue for a fictional event. No relation to another party with a similar name ;-)

Rent Expense

The event organisers also sold some t-shirts at another event. The money was deposited as cash.

Income for T-Shirts

One of the team members, Kimi, paid for a VIP sauna event himself. The best way to register this is to use a Scred Expense Claim, but it can also be stored this way too. The event will now owe Kimi.

Expense Paid by Kimi

Adding New Categories

Each type of group will have a default set of categories they can use for their transactions. Bands will have things like expense categories for music production and studio time, whereas an association will have income categories for membership fees. You can add new categories or remove old ones (assuming they haven’t already been used). Do this in the group’s Settings section.

Add Category


To view information on income and expenses, go to the Reports section. There you can get an overview of everything that has taken place during the group’s existence, or to check a specific year or a specific month in that year.

Income and ExpensesIncome and Expenses For Specific Month

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