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Pay back debts, directly from Scred!

Posted in Uncategorized by setok on September 20, 2009

It is now easier than ever to pay back debts and negative balances inside Scred. No fiddling around with bank account details and then manually creating transactions inside Scred. You can now do this with just a few clicks and the use of PayPal.

Scredding in the Kasvua pool, \'Settle\' button showing.

At the top of every pool you can see your balance. If you have a negative balance you can click on the ‘Settle’ button that appears. This will lead you to a page with a suggestion for how you could clear your debt. Now, by clicking the ‘Pay’ button by each person, you can easily pay that sum of money. The payment will be automatically tracked by Scred which will then update your balance. Dead simple.

Settlement Suggestion

This feature requires that the users have configured a PayPal account in their profile. Any payment details will only be shared with people in the same pool as you.

Other changes in this release (Beneath The Surface):

  • Added Select All option on Scredding page for larger pools. Small pools have all members selected by default.
  • Updated look of Scredding. Some Webkit specific detailing.
  • Significant new core accounting model which will later offer more advanced types of transactions for pools.

We are still working on a more substantial major launch which will appear later, but a few more smaller updates may appear along the way.

Log into Scred to start using the new features.

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  1. […] it was possible to settle balances by clicking on ‘Settle’ and paying each balance one at a time. That was much handier […]

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